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Ditch the traditional way to prom party this year and embrace the newness with TheChicgoPartyBusRentals. Book a personalized experience with the desired privacy, comfort, and convenience that makes you indulge in the moment.

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Choose the Right Vehicle for your Prom Night Party

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event, making the choice of transportation an integral part of the memorable experience. Our luxurious party bus rentals are perfect for prom-goers to arrive in style, creating unforgettable moments with friends. Our impressive selection and customizable options allow prom attendees to enjoy a safe, spacious, and fun-filled ride to and from the event, elevating the overall prom experience. Have a look at the list of our available party bus and limo options and know their features to book the most compatible vehicle for you.


A prom limo rental is a safe and affordable choice for many types of special events including your prom party and birthday celebration. Prom bus rentals are an easy and convenient way to keep the party atmosphere up all night long at affordable prices. Here we will reveal why prom limo services are one of the most frequently considered solutions for special occasions. Prom limo rentals are now all over Chicago and if you are looking to surprise a beloved one for their prom night, stick around to learn everything you need to know about prom party bus rental and prom limousine. We will reveal prom bus prices, features, and everything else that party bus rental services provide.


After years of hard work and effort, it is time to have fun on prom day. Now when you know what to expect when renting a car service for a prom, you can find many cheap limo rentals in Chicago. The prices vary between $75 and $100 per hour, where you can simply pre-determine the ride and pay beforehand. Each vehicle contains all the necessities for your party on wheels as well as a safe and secure experience. Choose between different destination routes or customize the trail in order to fit your party. You have the complete freedom of choosing everything from music and drinks to routes and stops. The prom day is truly one to celebrate and it is time to say final goodbye with a feeling of accomplishment.

Why Choose us for Prom Party Bus in Chicago?

Tailored for different sizes of Celebration

Our diverse fleet of party buses caters to groups of 30 to 50 passengers, offering a range of options for small-scale prom gatherings and larger celebrations. With unique amenities and features, choose the perfect party bus in Chicago that aligns with the size and style of your event.

Skilled Professionals at the Wheel

Our chauffeurs are more than just drivers; they are seasoned professionals holding valid licenses. Well-versed in routes, adhering to traffic rules, and, crucially, always punctual, they ensure a safe and timely journey for you. With their expertise, you can relax and concentrate on enjoying quality time with your loved ones, trusting them to navigate your route seamlessly.

City Travel with Door-to-Door Services

Opt for our cost-effective and luxurious party bus fleet for convenient city travel. Our door-to-door services are designed to save you time and energy, transforming your ordinary party ride into an extraordinary journey.

Themed Celebrations Tailored Just for You

Planning a themed prom? Let our bespoke services enhance your special night! Reach out one or two months ahead to reserve our Chicago party bus, renowned for its reliability. We'll intricately tailor the decor and setup to match your prom theme, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Trust us to bring your vision to life, creating a magical atmosphere that perfectly complements your personalized or themed celebration.

Convenient Booking with Transparent Pricing

Our user-friendly booking system lets you schedule luxury transportation conveniently from home, free from hidden fees. We prioritize transparency at every step, providing peace of mind from reservation to arrival at your destination.

Offering Party Buses for Diverse Occasions:

Not just a prom party, you can book a luxury experience for various celebrations with us. Here are some other options we offer:





Benefits of Renting

High-End Sound System:

Our 8,500-watt sound system transforms your prom celebration, immersing you in a concert-like ambiance. Crystal-clear beats and versatile connectivity ensure the perfect soundtrack for a prom dance. From a customizable playlist to seamless options like CD, MP3, AM/FM, and iPod Hook Up, our audio features enhance the prom night, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration.

Disco Lights, Laser Show, and More!

Turn your prom night into a dazzling dance extravaganza with our party buses! The lively interplay of disco lights and laser shows transforms the interior into a vibrant dance floor. Synchronized with the music, our disco floors and ceiling bars elevate the prom experience, creating a lively and enchanting atmosphere.

Red-Carpet Arrivals

Arrive at your prom venue in celebrity style with a Chicago limo rental. Heighten the experience by sharing this glamorous moment with your prom date, creating memories that echo the sophistication of Hollywood. Step into a world of luxury where the spotlight is on you, and let the limo ride transform your prom night into an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Prom Party Bus

Planning your event is a breeze with our seamless booking process. Here’s a simple guide:
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  2. Fill in the form with essential details such as your
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&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp3. Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, click the “Request Quote” button to proceed. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at +1(847)466-5364 or via email at We’re here to help!


Feel free to contact us for additional information. Call us or feel the form and we will call you back. Click here to view our Chicago Party Bus Rentals fleet.

You can get the party bus at an affordable price, between 75$ and 100$ per hour.
The maximum capacity is between 20 to 50 persons for the
Yes. You can customize the party bus the way you want.
It is permissible to bring alcoholic beverages on the bus, provided all passengers are above 21. If there is a mix of passengers aged 21 and up with those aged 21 and under, alcohol cannot be served on board.
There is no requirement to bring any own entertainment. The party bus has everything you need all setup. Our buses have state-of-the-art audio systems to ensure your party has the best music and vibes.
Yes, you can request a specific route or destination for your prom night on the bus. Communicate your preferences with our rental company in advance to customize the experience, whether it’s a scenic route, passing landmarks, or making stops for photos. Planning ensures a smooth and memorable prom night for all.
No. There are no age restrictions for the students renting our party buses.
Yes. Extend your prom night with us! Customize routes, and enjoy your rental for an unforgettable experience.
No, smoking is not allowed on the party bus during prom night.

Satisfied Clients

One of the main things that put us ahead of our competitors in the Chicago area and the surrounding suburbs is our amazing client satisfaction ratio. Chicago Limo Party Buses have rarely had any demeaning instances where the passengers were troubled. In fact, check out the positive reviews right on our website to learn more about our party bus rentals and limousine services in Chicagoland.

Shams W.Pawel

Great company! I used them for a birthday party the bus was 40 passengers we had about 30 people and we fit very comfortably the music system is great and the polls add to the fun!

Snob Aeral

Great time on my bachelorette party, we rented the Mercedes Sprinter VIP edition and it was a highlight of the night. It definitely contributed to an unforgettable night!

Shams W.Pawel

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Snob Aeral

Great time on my bachelorette party, we rented the Mercedes Sprinter VIP edition and it was a highlight of the night. It definitely contributed to an unforgettable night!



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