Bachelor & Bachelorette Party bus Rental Services in Chicago, IL

So you or your loved one is about to get into a committed relationship of marriage and bachelor life has just a few days left! Before this transition, make some beautiful memories that last forever with a bachelorette party . Not any random place, but have fun on wheels, a luxury vehicle equipped with all party needs roaming across your favorite locations of Chicago! 

Our bachelorette party bus and limos are here to make things even more interesting than you can imagine. The Chicago Party Bus Rentals company has a big fleet of customized party vehicles that can drive you crazy with all the luxury amenities, glamour and lighting. Whether your group is small or big, we can accommodate all sizes of parties while maintaining high professionalism. Check out our vehicle fleet that you can rent right now.

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Lavish Exterior in Several Colors

Experience opulence from the moment you step aboard our Chicago Party Bus Rental. Our fleet boasts a lavish exterior available in multiple striking colors, ensuring a grand entrance for your celebration.

2 VIP Disco Sections

Indulge in exclusivity with not just one but two VIP disco sections aboard our party bus. Elevate your experience and revel in sophistication with these dedicated VIP areas.

2 Stripper/Dancing Poles

Get ready to dance the night away! Our bus features two strategically placed stripper/dancing poles, perfect for showcasing your moves and creating unforgettable moments.

15,500 Watts Surround Sound System

Feel the rhythm like never before with our state-of-the-art 15,500 Watts Surround Sound System. Every beat reverberates through the bus, ensuring an immersive party experience.

Custom Made Bars

Sip and celebrate in style with our custom-made bars. Crafted to perfection, these bars offer the ideal spot for raising a toast and enjoying drinks throughout your journey.

Up to 65 Inches LED TV with Two to Three Smaller LED Screens

Entertainment takes center stage with our impressive LED setup. Enjoy an immersive visual experience on our up to 65 inches LED TV and multiple smaller LED screens.

Floor-to-Ceiling Disco Lights and Laser Show, Disco Floor, Ceilings, and Bars

Step onto the dance floor under mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling disco lights and laser shows. With disco-themed ceilings and bars, every inch of our bus exudes an electrifying ambiance.

Why Choose our Bachelorette Party Bus in Chicago?

Bachelor Party-Specific Customizations

Elevate the bachelor bash! Our Chicago Bachelorette Party Bus offers bespoke bachelor party-specific customizations, ensuring the celebration mirrors the groom's style. From themed interiors to personalized playlists, every detail is tailored for an unforgettable experience unique to the groom's taste.

Event-Oriented Customer Service

Experience seamless celebrations! Our dedicated event-oriented customer service team ensures every detail aligns with your vision. From initial inquiries to the last dance, our expert staff caters to your needs, guaranteeing a stress-free and joy-filled event.

Professional Responsibility

Trust in our professionalism! We take responsibility seriously, ensuring safe and reliable transportation for your bachelor party. With certified and experienced drivers, our commitment to professionalism guarantees a worry-free and secure celebration.





Tips for Hiring the Perfect Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Bus or Limousine

Futuristic Entertainment Integration

Step into the future of partying! Our exclusive fleet boasts cutting-edge technology, syncing LED lighting to your beats and offering smartphone-controlled music setups and virtual reality entertainment. Take the celebration to the next level!

Tailored Bachelor Party Packages

Celebrate in style with our bespoke bachelor party packages. Dive into themed extravaganzas featuring customized decorations, personalized playlists, and onboard games crafted exclusively for the groom and guests. Your celebration, your way!

VIP Seating Fit for the Groom

Feel like royalty with our VIP seating arrangements. Indulge in exclusive groom-centric spaces or customize seating to ensure the groom's comfort and prominence throughout the night's festivities.

Crafted Beverage Experiences

Sip and savor unique libations aboard our party vehicle! Experience craft cocktail sessions, wine tastings, or even onboard mixology lessons, adding an exclusive and engaging touch to your celebration.

Seamless After-Party Services

Keep the party going worry-free! Our services extend beyond the ride. Enjoy after-party coordination, ensuring smooth transitions to the next venue or safe transportation home for all guests.

Bachelorette Party Bus

Booking a slot through Chicago Party Bus Rental is super convenient. Our platform is accessible through your phone, tablet, and desktop. Just follow these simple steps:- 

  • Go to the “Book Now” section appearing on the upper right corner of this page. 
  • Here you will have direct contact options including:-
  • For detailed information, we recommend filling out the online form including your personal credentials, event information and specific expectations. 


In addition, we also provide an in-person booking option. All you need is to visit our location in Chicago, have a personalized consultation session, and finalize your custom party bus/limo plan.

In the same way, you can book for:- 



Feel free to contact us for additional information. Call us or feel the form and we will call you back. Click here to view our Chicago Party Bus Rentals fleet.

Our bachelorette party bus rental costs vary depending on factors like duration, amenities, and package inclusions. Contact us for a tailored quote that perfectly matches your dream celebration, ensuring the best value for your experience.
Our spacious bachelorette party bus comfortably accommodates a maximum capacity of 50 passangers, providing ample room for guests to revel in a luxurious and enjoyable celebration atmosphere throughout the journey.
There are no age restrictions for renting our bachelorette party bus. We welcome legal adults aboard, ensuring everyone can partake in and enjoy the unforgettable celebration experience.
Bring your favorite tunes! Guests are encouraged to bring their preferred music to personalize the ambiance and create the perfect party vibe onboard our bachelorette party bus, ensuring an entertaining and lively celebration.
Absolutely! Alcoholic beverages are allowed on the party bus for bachelorette parties. Feel free to raise a toast and celebrate the bride-to-be with your favorite drinks during the journey.
Choose from a range of themes and decorations! We offer various themes and decoration options for bachelorette parties, allowing you to personalize and create a unique and memorable atmosphere tailored to your preferences.  Can we request a specific route or destination for our bachelorette party on the bus? Yes, you can request a specific route or destination for your bachelorette party on the bus. Customize your journey and celebrate in style, choosing the locations that best suit your celebration plans.
Our bachelorette party bus includes premium amenities such as high-quality sound systems, dynamic lighting, comfortable seating, and other luxurious features to ensure an exceptional and enjoyable celebration experience.
Rest assured, our pricing model is transparent and clear. There are no hidden fees or additional costs associated with our bachelorette party bus rental, providing you with a straightforward and hassle-free experience.
Safety and professionalism are our priorities. We provide professional drivers experienced in handling party buses to ensure a safe, reliable, and enjoyable ride throughout your bachelorette celebration.
Yes, we offer the option to extend the rental duration if the party is still going strong. Enjoy the festivities a little longer and continue the celebration on our bachelorette party bus with our flexible rental extension.

Satisfied Clients

One of the main things that put us ahead of our competitors in the Chicago area and the surrounding suburbs is our amazing client satisfaction ratio. Chicago Limo Party Buses have rarely had any demeaning instances where the passengers were troubled. In fact, check out the positive reviews right on our website to learn more about our party bus rentals and limousine services in Chicagoland.

Shams W.Pawel

Great company! I used them for a birthday party the bus was 40 passengers we had about 30 people and we fit very comfortably the music system is great and the polls add to the fun!

Snob Aeral

Great time on my bachelorette party, we rented the Mercedes Sprinter VIP edition and it was a highlight of the night. It definitely contributed to an unforgettable night!

Shams W.Pawel

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Snob Aeral

Great time on my bachelorette party, we rented the Mercedes Sprinter VIP edition and it was a highlight of the night. It definitely contributed to an unforgettable night!



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