Make your celebration rides everlasting in memories because Chicago Party Bus Rentals are now accessible in Illinois. You have landed at our limo fleet, professionally customized for various party rental requirements. Have a thought of you with your loved ones being on luxury wheels, upgraded with a celebration-specific theme! All that loud bass, enchanting lighting and luxury amenities of limo service in Chicago are there to make the best moments of your life!

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Our Limousines Features

Limo Bus Rental Service in Chicago, IL

There is a different aura of bling when you are in a long Iimo, reaching a boarding venue while having a party all the way. It makes a great impression! We have curated our limo bus rental fleet with different customizations ranging from different vehicles to their seating capacities. Check out the range of our limousine service in Chicago:


Up to 30 Passengers | Triple Axle Hummer with 12″ Raised Roof | AM/FM/CD/MP3/iPod Hook Up | 8,500 Watt Sound System | White Pearl Exterior with 22″ Chrome Rims | Xenon Body Kit | 46″ LED TV | Disco Lights & Laser Show | Disco Floor and Disco Ceiling/Bars | VIP Private Section-Room | Dual Gullwing Doors and a Butterfly Door


Up to 25 Passengers | Vehicle with Xenon Body Kit | AM/FM/CD/MP3/iPod Hook Up | 8,500 Watt Sound System | 22″ Chrome Rims | 46" LED TV | Disco Lights & Laser Show | Disco Floor & Ceiling | Bars Built into the Seats


Up to 25 Passengers | Xenon Body Kit | AM/FM/CD/MP3/iPod Hook Up | 8,500 Watt Sound System | 22" Chrome Rims | 46" LED TV | Disco Lights & Laser Show | Disco Floor & Ceiling | VIP Disco Section


Up to 20 Passengers | VIP Disco Section | AM/FM/CD/MP3/iPod Hook Up | 8,500 Watt Sound System | 22" Chrome Rims | 5 LED TVs | Disco Lights & Laser Show | Disco Floor, Disco Ceiling/Bars


Up to 20 Passengers | VIP Disco Section | AM/FM/CD/MP3/iPod Hook Up | 5,500 Watt Sound System | 22" Chrome Rims | LED TVs | Disco Lights & Laser Show | Disco Floor, Disco Ceiling/Bars

Features And Amenities

Here is a list of amenities that you can expect in different vehicles:-

20 to 30 passengers capacity

Our limousine service in Chicago comfortably accommodates 20 to 30 passengers, ensuring that you and your group can travel together in style and utmost comfort. This spacious capacity makes it perfect for large groups looking to make a grand entrance at events, parties, or gatherings.

Triple Axle Hummer/Cadillac/Lincoln/Infiniti

Our limo party bus rental fleet has a variety of luxurious triple-axle vehicles including brands like Hummer, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Infiniti, each bringing their own unique touch of elegance and style to your journey. These prestigious brands ensure a diverse range of luxury options, allowing you to choose a vehicle that perfectly aligns with your taste and the nature of the event.

2 Gullwing Doors & Butterfly door

The limo features two exotic gullwing doors and a butterfly door, making entry and exit a part of the extravagant experience. These uniquely designed doors are not just functional but also add a dramatic touch to your arrival.

12″ Raised Roof

The 12-inch raised roof provides extra headroom and space, ensuring that the interior feels airy and comfortable. This feature enhances the luxurious feel of the vehicle, allowing passengers to move around with ease.

White Pearl Exterior color

Cloaked in a magnificent white pearl exterior color, our limo exudes sophistication and purity. The choice of this elegant color ensures that your ride is as visually stunning as it is luxurious.

VIP Private Section-Room

Indulge in exclusivity with our VIP Private Section-Room, a secluded space within the limo designed for those who seek privacy and comfort. This feature allows for intimate conversations or moments away from the main party area.

22″ Chrome Rims

The limo party bus rental accommodates you on impressive 22-inch chrome rims that not only enhance its road presence but also complement its luxurious design. These rims add a touch of modern style and elegance, ensuring your journey is smooth and stylish.

Xenon Body Kit

Our limo party bus rental options are equipped with a xenon body kit, adding a sporty yet elegant aesthetic to its external appearance. This feature complements the vehicle's design, ensuring that it stands out and makes a memorable impression.

8,500 Watt sound system

Dive into immersive sound quality with our 8,500 Watt sound system that promises to keep the party vibes flowing. Tailored to create a concert-like experience, the sound system ensures that every beat is felt with clarity and intensity.

CD/MP3/AM/FM/Ipod Hook Up

Stay connected to your favorite tunes with our versatile audio connectivity options, including CD, MP3, AM/FM, and iPod Hook Up. This allows you to personalize the playlist, ensuring that the music perfectly matches the mood of your journey.

46″ LED TV

Enhance your visual experience with our 46-inch LED TV, ensuring that entertainment is always at its best. This feature provides high-quality visuals, turning every journey into a cinematic experience.

Disco Lights & Laser Show

Elevate your party ambiance with our disco lights and laser show features that transform the interior into a vibrant dance floor. These lights sync with the music, creating a dynamic and exciting party atmosphere inside the limo.

Disco Floor, Disco Ceiling/Bars

Immerse yourself in the ultimate party environment with our disco floor and disco ceiling/bars. These features help in setting a lively and enchanting mood, turning every ride into a remarkable party on wheels.

Events and Occasions

  • Wedding transportation party bus rental
  • Birthdays party bus rental
  • Quinceanera party bus rental
  • Bachelorette Parties party bus rental
  • Sporting Events party bus rental
  • Concerts party bus rental
  • Corporate Event party bus rental
  • School Trips party bus rental
  • Kids Birthday party bus rental
  • Proms party bus rental

Why Choose our Limousine Service in Chicago?

6 Custom Limo Options

Once there is a limo party bus rental celebration on your mind, don’t worry about the suitability. In order to meet every client’s expectation, our fleet comes with different seating capacities and amenities. Customize your ride with laser shows, vip cabins and a lot of other stuff that were once imagined in clubs only.

Convenient Booking & Transparency

Our limo bus rental booking system is user-friendly, offering a straightforward path to securing your luxury transportation. From the comfort of your home, you can schedule your limousine service, with no hidden fees. Every step is transparent, ensuring your peace of mind from the moment you book to when you arrive at your destination.

Customized For Multiple Occasions

Whether it’s a grand wedding entrance, a corporate event, or a night out in the Windy City, our limousine services are tailored to fit the theme and requirements of your special event. We adapt our services to ensure that your transportation experience aligns perfectly with the occasion's essence.

Luxury-Class Amenities

Step into a world of sophistication with our limo and party bus rentals, each one equipped with high-end amenities designed to provide unparalleled comfort and entertainment. From plush seating to state-of-the-art sound systems, we bring the essence of luxury travel to your journey, making it memorable for you and your guests.

Professional Chauffeur Service

Our professional chauffeurs ensure your journey is safe, enjoyable, and punctual. With a deep understanding of limo rental in Chicago routes and destinations, they deliver an exemplary service standard, catering to your needs with discretion and a commitment to excellence in customer care. Sit back, have fun and leave all the worries from departure to boarding, including multiple drop locations!





Benefits Of Renting A Limo Party Bus

True Luxury Ride

limo vehicles represent a bling that you cannot experience from any other vehicle when it comes to celebration. Their grandness and luxurious exteriors make everyone turn around when they are out on the streets of Chicago. Have a feel of a true luxury ride that others only desire to have.

Exceptional Impression On Venue

For venue arrivals, there is no better alternative than a limo rental in chicago. Think about those red-carpet entries of celebrities at special venues! Now this life could be yours with a hired limo.

Ideal For Personalized Parties

Being compact compared to party buses adds a plus point in party limos especially when you are hosting a personal group. Make some awesome memories during the closest proximity of loved ones.

Limo Booking Process

  • Scroll to the “Limo Fleet” option on our home page.
  • Select from the available vehicles and their seating capacities. 
  • Check their amenities and match your expectations. 
  • Now click on the “Book Now” button where you need to fill out a form. This includes personal details as well as location credentials. 
  • Once you submit, one of our representatives will revert back with all the required information for process completion.


Feel free to contact us for additional information. Call us or feel the form and we will call you back. Click here to view our Chicago Party Bus Rentals fleet.

The limo service charges vary on the basis of multiple factors. The duration of booking, distance covered, type of vehicle selected and their amenities decide the final bill. If you need all these details, feel free to call our booking representative right now.

Yes, you can rent a limo bus in Chicago for a wedding, and many companies offer packages specifically for such occasions. If the number of guests is higher, our fleets of limo and party bus rentals can help. The buses have higher seating capacity along with more amenities options. We also have the option of Mercedes Sprinter fleet rental.

A limo bus in Chicago can usually accommodate around 20 to 30 passengers, depending on the model you are hiring.

Limo rental in Chicago often comes with amenities such as climate control, plush seating, entertainment systems, mood lighting, and a mini-bar.

Yes, there are limo services in Chicago that offer hourly rates, providing flexibility for short-term rentals.

It’s recommended to book a limousine service in Chicago at least a few weeks in advance, or several months ahead for events like proms and weddings.

Yes, you can rent a limo for a night out in Chicago, with many services catering to evening events, dinners, or city tours.

Satisfied Clients Testimonials

One of the main things that put us ahead of our competitors in the Chicago area and the surrounding suburbs is our amazing client satisfaction ratio. Chicago Limo Party Buses have rarely had any demeaning instances where the passengers were troubled. In fact, check out the positive reviews right on our website to learn more about our party bus rentals and limousine services in Chicagoland.

Shams W.Pawel

Great company! I used them for a birthday party the bus was 40 passengers we had about 30 people and we fit very comfortably the music system is great and the polls add to the fun!

Snob Aeral

Great time on my bachelorette party, we rented the Mercedes Sprinter VIP edition and it was a highlight of the night. It definitely contributed to an unforgettable night!

Shams W.Pawel

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Snob Aeral

Great time on my bachelorette party, we rented the Mercedes Sprinter VIP edition and it was a highlight of the night. It definitely contributed to an unforgettable night!



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